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As an acclaimed Thought Leader and mentor, Jeremiah Dean is a powerful Governmental Prophet, Creative Director and  Media Executive who has been privileged to reachpeople from different socioeconomic backgrounds, races, nationalities, and creeds. He is the founder and CEO of Jeremiah Dean Ministries a ministry that shares the gospel of Jesus Christ with specialized emphasis on activating believers to move in the gifts of the spirit. His crusades and services are alive with Powerful Preaching, Prophetic declaration, signs and wonders. He the founder and host of the livestream broadcast Prophecy Now which is a worldwide soul-winning media ministry, that helps advance the kingdom of God around the world through the eye of the camera. 


Jeremiah Dean is also the Founder and Senior Creative Director of Dean and Co. a  corporation that has for over 10 years helped in the determination of marketing endeavors, and has created and overseen the design and production of countless business’s while insuring brand integrity. Through The Dean’s List Creative Studios Jeremiah has been privileged to show forth his creative genius with the world.


He is submitted under the pastoral covering and leadership of Overseer Carlton & Pastor Sylvarena Funderburke. Senior Pastors of Church At The Well located in Kansas City, Mo.